“Vital Life Foundation brings people to a fullness of consciousness ~ and back to life.”
~ Paul Ontiveros, MO (4/01/11)


“These principles of life have been a total inspiration to step up to a level I have never been before in my life. They made me see my connection me to my source more powerfully than ever before. Not only is my energy better and I am more clear than ever, but my relationship with my wife is going through a beautiful transformation for the better!”
Martin Crompton, NC (3/29/11


“The things demonstrated here are ALL encompassing and everything they said the would do – the came through on.  When I attended the living, cultured foods class, my body was satisfied on a level that i can’t even explain, and I have more energy but more importantly hop to get my health back”
~ Wayne Groves, CA  (3/28/11)


“I am more enthusiastic, clear and on top of my game because of what the Vital Life Foundation and Lou Corona are offering – thank you guys!”
~ Bill Carpenter, CA (3/25/11)


“What I love about you guys is that you express a very healthy lifestyle in a simple and easy manner, while covering many different avenues of life – not just eating, but all aspects of life. I have already lost 25 pounds in a few short months and I am becoming a lot more able to attract what I want into my life. Thank you!”
~ Derek Smith, OK  (3/22/11)

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