Our Intention is that you feel inspired, educated and empowered by this information to move forward in realizing the Highest Vision and Potential for yourself with this very breath.

Four Principles Logo
The Vital Life Foundation is really a lifestyle; it’s a way of being. The word “vital” signifies anything that is a manifestation of life. Therefore, anything that is “Vital” is life-generating. There are particular tools and ways of being that are essential to living a radiant, vibrant lifestyle – we are committed to providing these vital tools and the knowledge that enhances your understanding and commitment to a vital-living way of life.

Our Mission

To live with Appreciation and Adoration for this life, with each breath. We live in love and harmony with all life to the best of our ability from where we are, with what we have. We are here to serve you with the most essential tools and knowledge to create and maintain a Lean, Clean and Serene lifestyle.

Our Vision

Every breath precious breath. We have the capacity to realize the highest vision we can possibly fathom for ourselves and all-the-world, for our families, for our friends and the world community; we allow ourselves to live freely, abundantly and harmoniously throughdevoting attention each day to connect with The Source of Life – our Infinite Self – andthrough eating raw foods, living, cultured, enzyme-rich foods, being with Mother Nature and the elements, and through practicing gratitude and love for one another. It is our vision to live in harmony and peace with all beings and continually enjoy the natural (joyful) evolution of this miracle called Life. We have an ever expanding vision of a new world-community coming together in the spirit of harmony, sharing our talents, resources and abilities, lovingly and openly.
We see new-age movie theaters with conscious creative films, and living snack foods; we appreciate that everyone does what they love for a living and are truly fulfilled and abundant in health and wealth. We see massive beautiful healing centers bringing people who are not well and teaching them how to heal them selves through natural safe methods. The world is unfolding according the Divine Blueprint as decreed by the Head Creator.

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