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The Goal: Unite 108 Million Teachers of Peace
The Date: December 21, 2012
The Vision: Just to see what happens.

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Apply the Four Principles of Life as a BluePrint

How do the Four Principles Relate to Your Teeth?

For me it is the Breath of Life. Second is the proven, profound and elementary Four Principles of Life. The reason why I am so inspired and transformed – so wholly and completely – with these Principles, combined with the Breath of Life is because of the leverage it gives us in transforming, recreating and redesigning any part of our life. We could choose relationships, money, our body, a body part, our career or any number of things.

To illustrate, let us focus on the subject of our Teeth.  When I mention teeth, any number of thoughts could have popped into your mind. No matter what came to your mind, lets look at our teeth with the purpose of feeling better about them, and simply gain more clarity about our relationships to our teeth.

Now what we are going to do is place the subject of teeth over the blueprint of the Four Principles:

Cellular Communication:

  • Spirit – How does my spirit see my teeth?
  • Mind – How do I think about my teeth?
  • Emotions – How do I think about my teeth?

Cellular Environment

  • Earth – How does the food I consume affect my teeth…what could I do differently to improve my teeth?
  • Water – How does water play a role in the health of my teeth? What water is best for my teeth?
  • Sun/Fire – It may not seem related, but it’s a good idea to ask – how does the sun affect my teeth?
  • Air/Breath – How does air play a role in the health of my teeth, what breath exercises could assist my teeth to be more powerful?

Cellular Exercise

  • External – What are the benefits of exercise on my teeth?
  • Internal – How does internal exercise benefit my teeth?

Cellular Nutrition

  • External – What are the benefits of exercise on my teeth?
  • Internal – How can internal exercises benefit my teeth?
Now, I haven’t actually gone through an answered each one of these questions, however if you can see the power in going through a process and applying each Principle to that subject – CAN YOU SEE HOW MUCH INSIGHT AND LEVERAGE YOU COULD CREATE in accelerating the cleansing and healing process or getting to a whole new level?
Let us know how this post affects you and if it has assisted you in any way?

A Foundation of Life

Vital Life Foundation - electricity image
Vital = Life

Everything that is life generating is VITAL – Life-Giving Force.

The Vital Life Foundation is a vehicle and an ORGANization based on sharing and utilizing the tools, concepts, ideas, beliefs, actions, foods, etc…that are LIFE – GENERATING!!!

Each one of us knows deep within our being – what is innately going to increase our Vitality or diminish it.

By being a part of the Vital Life Foundation you are devoting yourself to this continual, never-ending, expanding lifestyle of LOVE ~ JOY ~ APPRECIATION AND MAGNIFICENCE!

After reading these few words, our hopes are that you are more connected to your innate intelligence – and you listen to your HEART at least one more time today.

You are adored, loved and appreciated beyond conception!

Live life Powerfully with The Four Principles of Life

The Four Principles of Life

Four Principles of Life

If you are wanting more energy, more strength, more vitality and more clarity in your life, then you will be massively inspired by what you are about to read.

The Four Principles of Life are simple, yet profound. They are simple in that anyone can look at them and make sense out of them. And yet they are so profound because of the impact they have on ones life when they are applied DAILY.

These principles are timeless and have been talked about in some way or another for as long as humans have been around. And yet what we have found is that the way they are packaged here allows us to really OWN them and integrate them easily and efficiently into our lives – giving us more energy, core strength and happiness.

The first (and most important) principle is Cellular Communication:
This principle encompasses the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional aspect of your being.

The second principles is Cellular Environment:
This one incorporates the earth, water, sun and air.

The third principle is Cellular Exercise:
Dealing with both external as well as internal forms of exercise.

The fourth principle is Cellular Nutrition:
This is all about feeding the body more powerfully than ever on a cellular level ~ while also releasing waste from the body efficiently.

Because this is simply an introduction to the Four Principles of Life, we will not go into detail here. However, if you are wanting to live the most radiant, vibrant, dynamic and healthy life then stay tuned for future in-depth blogs about what these principles of life mean, and how to implement them into our lives easily and effortlessly. Sound good? Great!

Greetings Vital Beings!


Did you know that every human being on the planet has some level of vitality or life-force?


What we offer, as the Vital Life Foundation, is Beyond Any Health-System Anywhere – Guaranteed!

For those of you who are wanting to access that vitality ~ and immediately unleash your potential to manifest it in any area of your life that you choose, then you are going to be so thankful that you have found these Principles of Life and this timeless knowledge unfolding before you.

The purpose of this blog is to effortlessly and continuously flow inspirational and educational knowledge, information and tools that enhance your vitality and life-force into levels beyond anything you have ever dreamed.

Feel free to comment and ask questions and dive in, because anyone who is involved with the Vital Life Foundation is going to experience the most radiant, vibrant, dynamic and abundant lifestyle ever!

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